Government Services


Pacific Lock & Safe is your single-source supplier for all your government physical security needs. We specialize in:

  • Security Compliance Audits & Consulting: Our certified technicians are experts in physical and electronic security devices and systems. Services include a complete pro-active approach starting with a thorough review of your physical security systems. Through this review we identify any potential problems that could comprise security and provide recommendations about how to maximize your protection. With extensive experience providing security requirements for Federal buyers, we are able to quickly meet your security requirements.
  • Access Control Systems: These systems provide a way to control access to specific areas, buildings or even computer-based documents.  Whether these controls are necessary on specific projects, or for your complete operation, we can customize your Access Control System to meet your specific needs.
  • Delivery & Custom installation: All items are available for delivery and custom installation. We understand that each of our clients have different specifications and we will develop a custom installation plan to meet your requirements.
  • Training of personnel: It is essential that your personnel understand the physical and electronic security systems and how they work. Our personnel are highly knowledgeable in all of our systems, and will train you to understand what is being implemented and how it works.
  • Re-certification of GSA government safes: The DoD Lock program specifies that all GSA containers and safes must be recertified by a trained and approved inspector. We maintained certified inspectors, and are the premier inspectors for the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Supplying, installing & opening X-09 security locks: Proper installation of security locks can impact approval of your GSA container. Have the lock installed by our highly trained technicians who are trained to GSA and DoD standards.
  • DoD security hardware evaluation: Any alterations or damage to DoD hardware requires immediate attention. Whether you are a Federal agency or a Government contractor, maintaining security is essential to your mission. Pacific Lock and Safe technicians are highly trained in protecting your mission and materials.
  • Engineering of cypher and card access systems: Our systems allow tight security control on your buildings, without inhibiting access to clients and essential personnel. Each system is designed to meet the specific needs of your operations to provide the highest level of security without interferring with your business.
  • MIL-SPEC requirements: We offer systems that meet Defense Specifications and ensure compliance. Our extensive experience providing services to Federal agencies, gives us the knowledge to develop your system and ensure it meets all requirements.
  • SCIF setup: Pacific Lock and Safe has extensive experience setting up Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility’s (SCIFs) for Federal agencies. Whether you require an entire building, specific area, or room, we are trained to meet your needs and ensure you comply with all official government requirements for discussing classified information.

Our professional services combined with our extensive list of DoD approved products allows us to provide a total solution to Federal buyers. Below are some of the products we currently offer:

  • CAC Card Systems
  • PIV Card Integration
  • FIPS201 Solutions
  • CAA/RAA Physical Security Locks
  • Door Locks For Military Vessels
  • Special Application Locks
  • Mechanical Safe Locks
  • CDX09 Pedestrian Door Locks
  • X09 Safe Locks
  • LKM Security Locks
  • Electronic Cypher Locks
  • Mechanical Cypher Locks
  • Safe Opening/Repair
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